Support Center for Students with Learning Disabilities

Tel-Hai’s Support Center for Students with Learning Disabilities and Medical Limitations (CLD)  breaks new ground by providing personalized guidance to students with a wide range of  challenges from diverse backgrounds. The Center’s remarkable success draws students  from all over Israel to Tel-Hai, where their talents and motivation are fully appreciated and they  are given the tools needed to realize their dreams. Nothing comparable exists in any other  institution of higher learning nationwide. 


Recognizing the danger in letting potential languish, Tel-Hai established the Support Center in 1995 as part of its commitment to making higher education accessible to all Israelis.  

Prospective students begin their studies at Tel-Hai by  attending the Support Center’s specialized summer pre-college preparatory program.  Participants then receive ongoing, personalized support tailored to their unique challenges. A highly specialized staff collaborates with a team of student mentors to assist in academic instruction, time management, organizational skills and the use of assistive technologies.  Through team-building exercises, individual and team coaching, tutoring and reading assistance, along with highly effective peer-based learning. Students learn to draw  strength from their experiences and from one another. 


CLD degree programs are four years (rather than the usual three years).

The CLD offers two summer pre-college preparatory programs whose goal is to make learning  in the college accessible to students with learning disabilities who lack requirements for  admission.

The CLD provides support services in three tracks, each ranging from 250-850 students: 

  •  Making Learning Accessible Track
  •   Accompaniment and Support Track
  •  Accessibility Center for students with physical,  sensory or psychological accessibility issues.
Giving Opportunities

Scholarships – USD 2000 per student 

Mentors- USD 30,000 per year

Counseling- USD 50,000 per year

CLD Activities Benefactor sounds good USD 500K per year

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