Students Dorms

Each year, over 4000 Students throughout Israel are heading north to experience the vibrant academic community of Tel-Hai College and take part in the unique educational opportunities that it provides. 

Community is one main thing we want these students to experience. Unlike any other institutions of higher learning in Israel, Tel-Hai offers a curriculum that stresses community building and active citizenship. As part of their studies, students are involved in research and programs that directly impact the development and success of communities large and small throughout the northern Galilee. For this reason, the college leadership decided to locate the new student housing within the town of Kiryat Shmona allowing students to immerse themselves in their local community and offer their creativity and youthful energy to address important local issues. 

The new, modern facilities contain the amenities required to create a comfortable and productive atmosphere for studying and living off campus. Apartment units are designed to accommodate four students, two shared bathrooms, a living room, a fully equipped kitchen and a dining area. The housing complex also features public areas, a computer lab, a laundry facility and recreation room. There are currently 118 students living in the “Masada” dormitories, coming from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds. Completion of the next stage of student housing construction will add another 132 beds (33 apartments). Eventually, the five-building complex will accommodate close to 500 students, essentially doubling the amount of dormitory housing for Tel-Hai students. 

Giving Opportunities

A building containing 21 apartments (88  beds) -$2,000,000

An apartment containing 4 Rooms – $90,000

A single room-  $22,500

Support Accessibility- $5000-10,000

Equipment- $1000-5000

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