Pedagogical Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center

Tel-Hai is building a new innovation and entrepreneurship center.

Tel-Hai College, as a regional influence factor, and a significant partner in the Galilee Development plans, considers it its duty to grow, support, and lead the entrepreneurship community, while engaging in regional collaboration and leveraging the unique strengths and natural resources of the region. 

The College maintains active collaboration with such regional forces such as the regional councils, The Eastern Galilee Cluster, the entrepreneurship incubators and the Israel Initiative 2020, and has been active in promoting entrepreneurship over the past six years. An ecosystem which motivates a young, vigorous audience to innovation and daring which will influence the future of the region and the college in terms of sustainability, groundbreaking science and economic and demographic growth.

In order to develop and promote the field of entrepreneurship, Tel-Hai College has decided to construct the Entrepreneurship and Pedagogical Innovation Center, a first of its kind in the Galilee, which will integrate all of the entrepreneurship activity and serve as a platform that is adapted to the needs of the entrepreneurial space and shifting circumstances. The structure will integrate business innovation and pedagogical innovation spaces and address a wide variety of audiences. We will offer academic innovation courses, innovative scholastic learning spaces, hackathons, conferences, workshops intended to promote innovative thinking and much more.

Support required for both students and faculty:

Construction: 200,000 USD

Equipment: 50,000 USD

Innovation initiatives: 15,000 USD

Scholarships: 5,000 (per student)

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