Research at Tel-Hai  Tel-Hai’s location, adjacent to the diverse ecosystems of the Hula Valley, the agricultural field and bird migration routes along the valley of the Great Rift, the frontline communities scattered along Israel’s volatile northern borders, designates its mission to explore and generate the region’s resources to create ground-breaking scientific research of global significance. […]


Tel-Hai College, the academic and scientific powerhouse of the Northern Galilee, is a critical platform for advancing Israeli society at large, and the residents of the Galilee specifically. At Tel-Hai, academic excellence dovetails with community outreach and intercommunal dialogue.  Our students, both from the nearby Galilean communities and from the center of Israel, are the […]

Tel-Hai Tech

Old school Zionism – New school capitalism: Invest now in the hottest sectors, in one of the coldest parts of Israel Tel-Hai Tech is creating a new economic boom in Israel’s North.  We are bringing companies to locate here, who in turn employ our students and graduates, thus perpetuating a combination of unstoppable growth. Project […]

Arts Institute – Dining Room

Please help us  restore the historic Tel-Hai dining room and ceramics building. The Arts Institute is housed in the historic dining hall of Tel-Hai, which is  currently in the initial stages of historic documentation, which will eventually lead to its renovation and conservation.  Since its founding in 1957 as an arts center for residents of […]

Pedagogical Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center

Tel-Hai is building a new innovation and entrepreneurship center. Tel-Hai College, as a regional influence factor, and a significant partner in the Galilee Development plans, considers it its duty to grow, support, and lead the entrepreneurship community, while engaging in regional collaboration and leveraging the unique strengths and natural resources of the region.  The College […]

Students Dorms

Each year, over 4000 Students throughout Israel are heading north to experience the vibrant academic community of Tel-Hai College and take part in the unique educational opportunities that it provides.  Community is one main thing we want these students to experience. Unlike any other institutions of higher learning in Israel, Tel-Hai offers a curriculum that […]

Support Center for Students with Learning Disabilities

Tel-Hai’s Support Center for Students with Learning Disabilities and Medical Limitations (CLD)  breaks new ground by providing personalized guidance to students with a wide range of  challenges from diverse backgrounds. The Center’s remarkable success draws students  from all over Israel to Tel-Hai, where their talents and motivation are fully appreciated and they  are given the […]

The Helmsley Science Building for Health, Environment and Biotechnology Studies

About the Project Fulfilling Tel-Hai College’s mission as an engine for promoting regional growth through the development of human capital and research infrastructure for knowledge-based industry, the Helmsley Science Building for Health, Environment and Biotechnology Studies will serve its residents, Tel-Hai/Migal researchers, as a home for research work and a hub for scientific networking; The […]