Arts Institute – Dining Room

Please help us  restore the historic Tel-Hai dining room and ceramics building.

The Arts Institute is housed in the historic dining hall of Tel-Hai, which is  currently in the initial stages of historic documentation, which will eventually lead to its renovation and conservation.  Since its founding in 1957 as an arts center for residents of the young pioneering  communities of the Upper Galilee (essentially the seed from which Tel-Hai College  grew), programs at the Tel-Hai Arts Institute exemplify a vision of artists who are in constant dialogue with the world outside the studio.  

The kibbutz dining hall was constructed in 1921-22 by Gdud HaAvoda and served as the main gathering hall, kitchen and dining room for Kibbutz Tel-Hai. The small  settlement of 20 or so members became a part of Kibbutz Kfar Giladi in 1926. Later, in the 1930’s, it served the Aliyat HaNoar organization as a site for agricultural  training for young new immigrants. Many of the program’s graduates remained in the region and went on to establish other kibbutzim and settlements here. Today, the former dining-hall-turned-arts-center houses the ceramics studies department of the Arts  Institute.  

Marking 100 years since the battle of Tel-Hai, the College seeks to celebrate the founders’ legacy by, among other things, conserving the building. Today it is the bustling home of the Institute’s vibrant ceramics  department. Yet, the dire state of the ceramics building is unfortunate for the young students/artists, and is one that begs correction and to preserve  the historic building’s past. The plans include restoring the original structure to be solid and conducive. Spaces will be added to enable comprehensive studies and activities in the center  (all plans are based on a comprehensive conservation report). This is planned to be  the first stage of a wide project that will include the renovation of adjacent buildings;  building additional classrooms also designed for community activities and the  establishment of an art gallery for artists and alumni of the Arts Institute. 

Renovation of the building – USD 600,000

Art Gallery and Library- USD 150,000

Equipment -USD  50,000 

Work stations – USD 25,000

Scholarships for Arts students- USD 2000-6000

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