About us

Tel-Hai College, inspired by its founders’ spirit of pioneering excellence and entrepreneurship, is a growing leader of higher education and scientific inquiry in Israel’s northern Galilee. Set in the heart of spectacular scenery, Tel-Hai, with its unique Galilee character, has become a hub that attracts superb scientists and talented young adults from across Israel and around the world.

Tel-Hai’s location, adjacent to the diverse ecosystems of the Hula Valley, the agricultural field and bird migration routes along the valley of the Great Rift, the frontline communities scattered along Israel’s volatile northern borders, designates its mission to explore and generate the region’s resources to create academia and science of global significance.


Our vision focuses on several goals: to develop and maintain academic excellence and cutting-edge research through up-to-date educational and research programs; to make higher education accessible to the broader community; and to promote the advancement of the norther parts of Israel. Currently, there is a total of 25 academic programs in Tel-Hai College’s two faculties. 

Faculty of Sciences and Technology

Faculty of Sciences and Humanities

Animal Science, B.Sc.

Art Therapy, M.A.

Biotechnology, B.Sc. & M.Sc., Pre-Med Studies

Drama Therapy, M.A.

Computer Science, B.Sc.

East Asian Studies, B.A.

Environmental Science, B.Sc.

Economics and Management; B.A. & M.A.

Food Science, B.Sc.

Education, B.A. & M.A. 

Nutritional Science, B.Sc.& M.Sc.

Galilee Studies, M.A.

Water Science, M.Sc.

Human Services, B.A.


Multidisciplinary Studies, B.A.


Psychology, B.A. & M.A.


Social Work, B.A. & M.A.



Art Therapy





Drama Therapy

Drug Design & Development 


Environmental Studies



Holocaust Studies


Involved Philosophy 


Nutrition & Health

Precision Agriculture (environment, soil, water)

Pedagogical Innovation

Stress, Trauma and Resilience

Partnerships and Collaborations

Ohalo Teachers College, Katzrin Golan Heights – In the academic year 2020-21 Ohalo College in Katzrin, Golan Heights is merging with Tel-Hai and become a part of Tel-Hai College. The merger will result in the establishment of a third Faculty- The Faculty of Education and Pedagogical Innovation with campuses in Katzrin and Tel-Hai. 

MIGAL-Galilee Research Institute- Much of the College’s academic breadth and scientific stanmina stem from its strategic affiliation with MIGAL – Galilee Research Institute for applied research in biotechnology, agriculture and health, with Tel-Hai faculty working as researchers at the Institute and Tel-Hai students doing their thesis dissertations at MIGAL.

International Collaborations Driven by the persuasion that Tel-Hai’s academic voice is like no other in the world and that international academic collaborations are an inherent pillar of an institution’s academic stamina, the College’s International Academic Affairs Office creates new opportunities for student and faculty exchange, peer learning and collaborative research. Tel-Hai holds MOU’s with over twenty international HEI’s among them Rutgers University, NYU, Aarhus University, Wageningen and many more.

Future Development

Our five-year program, derived from the college’s vision, is essentially a work plan to make Tel-Hai a research college, acknowledged by the Council for Higher Education (CHE) and the Planning and Budgeting Committee (PBC) by the end of five years with the eventual goal of becoming the University of the Galilee. 

Capital Development

Supplementary to the academic development mentioned above, part of the five-year plan is an extensive development of research infrastructure, including:

  • Construction of the Helmsley Science Building for Health, Environmental and Biotechnology Studies, to be used by both faculty and advanced-degree students is scheduled to be completed in January 2022.
  • Conserving the building that was once the Tel-Hai settlers’ dining hall (1923) and is today the bustling home of the Institute’s vibrant ceramics department. The preservation and renovation of the dining hall answers several needs that revolve around the story of this special place: preservation of the historic landmark, renovation of facilities for current and future use, and finally, the opportunity to educate young people about the Galilee pioneers– their tenacity, resilience and unyielding pioneering spirit.
  • Student dorms in Kiryat Shemona and Katzrin Completion of the next stage of student housing construction by adding another 132 beds (33 apartments)
  • National Food Institute A National Institute for Innovation and Research on Food will be established at Tel-Hai College in cooperation with the MIGAL Research Institute, with support from the Ministry of the Economy, in cooperation with the Innovation Authority. The Institute is part of the initiative to make Kiryat Shmona and the Eastern Galilee an international Food Tech hub. The Institute will work in full cooperation with other new local ventures – the accelerator operated by the National Initiative (II2020) in Kiryat Shmona and the Food Tech incubator in the Galilee led by Tnuva. The new Food Tech ecosystem in the Galilee is a result of the connection between advanced agriculture producing healthy, high quality and innovative foods, and groundbreaking Tel-Hai College research in the field of food and nutrition. The National Food Institute will provide new infrastructure for the state of Israel. The Institute will assist Food Tech companies and entrepreneurs in strengthening innovation, research and development, creating new growth and development streams in the Israel and worldwide, while training students for careers in this important field. 
  • Therapy Center An additional building of 3,000 Square foot is planned for disciplines in the field of therapy. In recent years, master’s degree programs have been developed at the College in the fields of social work, psychology, drama therapy, art therapy, nutrition and education. Experience and professional knowledge accumulated in these fields will be made accessible through offering therapeutic-preventive services to meet the needs of weaker populations in the northern periphery. 
  • Entrepreneurship and Pedagogical Innovation Center Tel-Hai College, as a regional influence factor, and a significant partner in the Galilee Development plans, considers it its duty to grow, support, and lead the entrepreneurship community, while engaging in regional collaboration and leveraging the unique strengths and natural resources of the region. The College maintain active collaboration with such regional forces such as the regional councils, The Eastern Galilee Cluster, the entrepreneurship incubators and the Israel Initiative 2020, and has been active in promoting entrepreneurship over the past six years. In pursuance of its extensive activity, the college seeks to establish a physical infrastructure for a significant entrepreneurship ecosystem, which incorporates education, technology, society, science and applicative science for regional needs and trends. An ecosystem which motivates a young, vigorous audience to innovation and daring which will influence the future of the region and the college in terms of sustainability, groundbreaking science and economic and demographic growth.

Tel-Hai and the Community

  • Economic development: The Eastern Galilee has been identified as the national center of the Agri-Food Tech research and industry expansion, and Tel-Hai College has dedicated programs and facilities to advance the Agri-Food Tech field. These include a new analytical research lab, the most advance sensory lab in Israel, establishment of a National Food Institute and an educational winery.
  • Social development: Tel-Hai College students and faculty constitute a force that drives and accelerates progress in the district. About 70% of the students are involved daily in the lives of residents of Kiryat Shmona and communities all over the Galilee, through many volunteer programs and educational initiatives. 
  • Regional development: Tel-Hai College is the home and the driving force behind several regional projects, including:
    • Galilium – an Eastern Galilee Cluster partnership that is based on Tel-Hai College’s educational initiative, the Sidney Warren Science Education Centre for Youth. Leveraging the youth center’s success, and joined by Tzfat College and Kinneret College, Galilium was founded in 2010 with a clear vision: to promote science and technology education in the greater Eastern Galilee and its diverse population, emphasizing accessibility to higher education in those fields. 
    • Town Square Academia –A collaboration of Tel-Hai College, MIGAL research institute, students, professors, local businesses, civil organizations, and the public at large, Town Square Academia aims to expand the boundaries of standard academics to establishing a regional learning and teaching community, striving to develop a critical, relevant shared base of knowledge. 

Support Center for Students with Learning Disabilities and Medical Limitations Tel-Hai’s Support Center for Students with Learning Disabilities and Medical Limitations (CLD) breaks new ground by providing personalized guidance to students with a wide range of challenges from a diverse set of backgrounds. The Center’s remarkable success draws students from all over Israel to Tel-Hai, where their talents and motivation are fully appreciated and they are given the tools needed to realize their dreams. Nothing comparable exists in any other institution of higher learning nationwide.